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Capital city characterized with rush and activity during the day, and at the same time relaxed atmosphere that makes you to come back once the city. The city is surrounded  by  beautiful mountains that provide a feeling of security and intimacy, along with ambience of warm and pleasant lifestyle Sarajevo prides itself on its relaxed and unpretentious way of life, where there is always time for a cup of coffee with friends and family. Being positioned in region that throughout history has always been interesting to various conquerors of different nations throughout history, the city is unique and different from any other in Europe.

As a museum of its own kind, it carries different religious monuments placed right next to each other and architecture that everywhere else would seem contradictory. With beautiful natural surroundings and Olympic legacy, it is a unique blend of modern and traditional, historical and contemporary and of city and nature.

The development of the city, along with historical influences, took place from east to west. Ottoman, Austro-Hungarian, and periods of socialism and of modern democracy came one after the other. If you pay attention as you walk around town, you’ll notice these historical layers alternating.